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studio Three is ME!

My name is Heather Szentimrey and I am the face of Studio Three Fitness. I am passionate about helping people. There is nothing more gratifying for me than helping people discover their inner power and transform their lives. 

Studio Three Fitness is my passion project. I believe that true happiness can be found by listening to others and putting on the lens that they see the world through. Studio Three is not about me, it is the voices and stories of my clients. It is made up of their victories, their defeats, and their journeys. 

If you are here and you want to make a change in your life, whether that is for health, for athletic achievement, or for balance, I can. not. wait. to meet you. 

About Me

I stepped into the fitness realm at the young age of 17 years old. I was looking for a way to be a better athlete in my sport of cheerleading. I had joined my university cheerleading team and I wanted to be GREAT not average. 

With the help of a trainer at the university gym I set myself up on a plan and got to work. Since then I have had many incredible opportunities including representing my country. Team Canada Cheerleading was a surreal experience and I am so proud to have worn the maple leaf boldly on my chest. 

I have also cheered at world class facilities and gyms including the renowned Cheer Sport Sharks on their International Level 7 team. 

Fitness has allowed me to pursue dreams that I could never have imagined for myself when I was a young child. It has allowed me to become strong, confident and unequivocally happy. 

It is my mission to help others find their version of this through health, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness coaching. My method is all encompassing. My goal is to help my clients reach goals and strike balance. I cant wait to get started with you.

DSC_4327 (1).jpg

- In cheerleading her position is called a "Third"

-She is one of three powerful and beautiful sisters. 

-The number three represents divine wholeness. Body, Mind, and Spirit. The number 3 just felt right. 

Why Three?

In third person....

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